gooooogleeeHave you heard of ‘Chrome: //flags’? Type this not-so-secret word into the Chrome address bar to open up the world of Google Chrome Experimental Features! It’s also nice to see that a big company like Google has a sense of humour. No mundane warning for the cautious net adventurer as Google warns you: “Careful, these experiments may bite”!

With experimental features being trailed and withdrawn on a regular basis there are potentially some stability issues, but mostly the enhanced functionality of what you’ll find here should make a big difference to your browsing experience. Once you restart Chrome you’ll open up the world of experimentation.


Load Pages Faster

On the splash page enable the link entitled ‘GPU compositing on all pages’. This clever feature takes the workload off of loading multimedia files from your CPU and lets the GPU do what it does best: Handel graphics and media rich content.

GPU compositing on all pages Mac, Windows, LinuxUses GPU accelerated compositing on all pages, not just those that include GPU-accelerated layers.

Make the Most of HTML 5

Continue your further experiment by finding the GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D and enabling it. Java is a thing of the past as the new HTML5 standard takes over, enabling this feature means that canvas-based games and animations at websites will run a lot more smoothly.

Disable accelerated 2D canvas Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, AndroidDisables the use of the GPU to perform 2d canvas rendering and instead uses software rendering.Enable

Scroll Like a Tablet

Does the smooth scrolling on your iPad really bug you when your PC is nowhere near as smooth? If so another benefit of GPU accelerated canvas is the other bonus of HTML 5. Arguably it’s a feature that all modern day browsers should have as standard.


Smooth Scrolling Windows, Linux, Chrome OSEnable the experimental smooth scrolling implementation.Enable

Enable TouchScreen Features

Now that Windows 8 is solidly with us the age of desktop touchscreen capability is much more relevant now. Chrome enables a host of experimental features that make the most of these touchscreen capabilities.


Touch Optimized UI WindowsEnables experimental layout refinements to improve user experience with touch screens.

Retro Gaming Action

The button labelled “native client” will open up a whole world of retro gaming fun. Basically applications will be able to run in your browser without them being downloaded. Complete the trip down gaming memory lane by going to NaCLBOX and using this Chrome experiment to play retro games in your browser.


Native Client Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OSEnable Native Client for all web applications, even those that were not installed from the Chrome Web Store.Enable

Remember to make the most of these as they can and will be changed on a regular basis. So our handy “get the most out of Chrome” article could at any time become a dinosaur! But don’t worry, for every Chrome Experiment that disappears, many new ones are sure to appear.

Image via Flickr by rowiro

With the new Pavilion g6x HP has presented a capable laptop at a good price point. Under $600 you rarely get a laptop that performs well and makes a style statement as well. It performs better than many budget notebooks and throws in really good quality speakers. You also get a lot of customization options and 4 attractive colors to choose from.

The shiny lid of the laptop is finger print resistant which is a nice thing. The build quality is superb and it does not look or feel like a cheap model from any perspective. This is a mainstream laptop but it is lightweight compared to some rival models. It may not be as thin as the 13 inch ultra potables but carrying it in your backpack should not be a problem at all. HP has given the new island style keyboards a miss in this model and it sticks to the traditional layout. The keys however give nice tactile feedback. Beneath the keyboard area there is a wide synaptics keypad with textured surface. For storage there is a 500GB hard drive.

The 15.6 inch display in the HP Pavilion g6x uses Led backlight and it is widescreen with a resolution of 1366×768. The USP of the laptop is the SRS Labs technology stereo speakers. The SRS Premium Sound utility offers preset sound enhancements. The HDMI and VGA ports are useful but there is no USB 3. 0 Port on this laptop. You also get a DVD RW drive in this model. Its VGA webcam captures average quality video and images. Even under heavy load that laptop does not get too hot.

The HP Pavilion g6x is powered by an Intel Core i3-380M processor which runs at a speed of 2.53GHz. This is adequate for multitasking and running media apps. The laptop is not targeted at gamers and the Intel HD integrated graphics is the proof of that. Its 6 cell battery will last for close to 4 and a half hours. The model is quite customizable. You can add Bluetooth and opt for discrete graphics. HP also offers a number of utilities with this laptop.

The latest sandy bridge platform based laptops are coming up in the market and Toshiba’s latest contender to the brigade is the Satellite A665-S6100X. It is brimming with new technology in CPU power and connectivity. It is not cheap but people with deep pockets will surely appreciate its sheer CPU power and media handling capabilities. The graphics performance however gets bottlenecked by an integrated GPU chip.

The Toshiba A665-S6100X has a dark gray textured finish. The lid is textured and it looks great but the trim around it is a fingerprint magnet. The same can be said about the keyboard deck. The keyboard has isolated key format along with a separate numeric keypad. The Touchpad is recessed and it is easy to use. Between the dual speakers of the laptop there are a row of 7 Touch sensitive buttons. The laptop’s Harman Kardon speakers generate above average quality sound.

The 15.6-inch display of the Toshiba A665-S6100X has a 1,366 by 768 resolution. It is definitely not FullHD but is ideal for watching movies. The Blu Ray drive is a nice addition in the laptop. The screens glossy coating makes it reflective outdoors. The viewing angles are quite decent for a laptop of this class. The inclusion of a USB 3.0 port with Sleep and Charge is great for the users. The inclusion of a HDMI port means you can connect it to your LCD HDTV and enjoy Blu Ray movies at 1080p quality. There is webcam as well as a multi format card reader. When it comes to wireless connectivity the Toshiba A665-S6100X reigns supreme over other contenders. You get WiMAX 4G broadband, 802.11 AGN Wi-Fi along with Intel’s WiDi. All these are fine but it would have been great had Toshiba offered a 7200 RPM hard drive in this model. The 640GB bundled HD has a spindle rate of 540RPM.

Along with Windows 7 Home Premium edition, Toshiba packs in a lot of utilities for the buyers of this model. In media apps the laptop performs very well thanks to its 6GB of DDR3 RAM and Intel Core i7-2630QM processor. The Intel’s integrated HD Graphics 3000 GPU may lack the punch for hardcore gaming but its media encoding guts are admirable. In CPU intensive tests it comes very close to the performance of Apple Macbook Pro. The battery life of the laptop is not much impressive though it is okay for most f the users.

HP has earned a name among gadget lovers with its Touch Smart series of AIO PCs that offer class leading Touch PC experience in Windows driven computers. The new TouchSmart 610q 1065qd takes its technology to new heights. This AIO comes with a great adjustable stand and offers the best in Touch screen based computing. This 24 inch screen home entertainment PC has the potential to replace your TV if you equip it with proper accessories. The stand is awesome and it lets you tilt the screen up to 60 degrees. This gives the user freedom from hand strain and touch input becomes easier to use. However, this feature may not lure all the users and not all apps are supported.

Hp offers a set of Touch based apps with this PC and they work well. The AIO PC offers 1080p aka FullHD resolution and a killer graphics card and CPU combo. The AMD Radeon HD 5570 GPU has 2 GB of memory and the Quad core 2.93GHz Intel Core i7 870 Processor deals with demanding games and media apps with ease. It leaves almost all Windows based AIOs out in the dark when it comes to sheer performance. HP packs in a Blu-ray player/DVD burner drive. For video rendering and media encoding this AIO is highly recommended. It beats almost all contenders except the Apple iMac AIOs.

The GPU is powerful enough to tackle demanding games like Crysis and metro 2033 at full resolution. The AIO is great in terms of connectivity. It offers two HDMI ports. It also offers a pair of USB 3.0 ports so you can transfer data to and from the device at blazing speeds. There is a SD card reader and integrated TV tuner card in this AIO. HP offers Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)edition with this PC.

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